Prof. Dr. Hans Schick
Head of Research 2000 – 2016

ASCA GmbH Angewandte Synthesechemie Adlershof

ASCA is located at the Berlin-Adlershof Science and Business park (WISTA). The company was founded on October 24, 2000 by Prof. Dr. Hans Schick and Dr. Christine Wedler. Both the founders and most of the staff had previously worked at the Central Institute of Organic Chemistry, Academy of Sciences in the German Democratic Republic. Both basic and applied research in many different fields of organic chemistry had been carried out for many years in this institute under the leadership of Prof. Schick.

After the reunification of Germany and the closure of all the Academy Institutes the Department of Organic Chemistry passed through different structures such as Centre of Selective Organic Synthesis ZSOS, 1992-1993), Department of Organic Synthesis in the Institute of Applied Chemistry (ACA, 1994-1997) and WITEGA Applied Materials Research (1997-2000). Cooperation with industrial partners has been developed, especially within these 3 years. The company was founded on the basis of those cooperations.

ASCA is a private contract research organization (CRO) employing highly qualified and experienced chemists and technicians, who are ready and able to create novel and practical solutions for all types of synthetic problems in organic chemistry and explore them on a laboratory scale.

Molecules that are likely to be useful leads for drug discovery processes are synthesized in close co-operation with industrial  partners.

Great care is taken in devising the synthetic strategies, preparing and analyzing the substances and documenting the results.

At present ASCA concentrates on reference materials for analysis of contaminants and residues in food and environment. Active compounds and their metabolites like pesticides, mycotoxines and API´s are offered both native and in isotopically labelled form.