The Offer

1.    Contract research:

    • Development of methods for the synthesis of novel drug molecules (API)
    • Optimization of promising lead compounds (hit-to-lead)
    • Synthesis of metabolites and backup substances

2.    Custom synthesis:

    • Synthesis of individual substances on behalf of customers (10 to 5000 mg)
    • Literature research, feasibility studies

3.     Standards and reference substances

    • Standards for food analysis, feed analysis, environmental analysis
    • Isotope labelled standards for mass spectrometry; label: 2H, 13C, 15N
    • Natural substances, mycotoxins ( f. e. Altenuene, Ergometrine, Ergometrinine)

4.    Analytical services:

    • NMR (2 modern digital 400MHz spectrometer equipped with robots for 24/7 operation)
    • Analytical and preparative HPLC with fraction collector