NMR Services:

We offer NMR Spectroscopy as an on-demand service.

  • We own two digital 400-MHz spectrometers with ATB 5mm-probeheads.
  • The following nuclei can be measured: 1H,13C, 19F, 31P. Others are available on request.
  • Operating Hours are 24h/7d by automated procedures.
  • Besides 1D-experiments we offer a wide range of 2D-Experiments:
  • qNMR with external calibration
  • Individual modifications of the experiments for customers and data handling.
  • Experienced NMR-Operators, who will be pleased to modify the experiments according to your wishes.
  • Experiments until 30min. duration will be normally executed on the same day and sent.
  • Normal processing time for daily NMR-experiments are 4h.
  • Shipment of the original FIDs with summary spectrum and JCAMP-DX file via email.
  • Further options in data handling possible.
  • We will make you a suitable offer according to your needs for the full spectrum of service.
  • If you are interested please contact nmr@asca-berlin.de

What provides NMR-Spektroscopy.