October 13, 2017

Phenolic benzotriazoles are widely applied as UV stabilizers in plastics and to some extent also in cosmetics and sun screens. Many phenolic benzotriazoles are highly lipophilic compounds and exhibit a high sorption and bioaccumulation potential. First assessment of the environmental fate in aquatic systems by degradation experiments according to OECD 308 indicated that phenolic benzotriazoles are highly persistent compounds which are mainly sorbed to sediments and suspended particulate matter. (qtd. in

For your research and investigations, we can offer the following eleven stable isotopically labeled phenolic benzotriazoles (UV-328, UV-327, UV-928, UV-350, UV-P, UV-PS, UV-326, UV-329, UV-234, UV-320 and UV-360):

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All substances are available from stock. Contact us for enquires about these compounds or other compounds necessary to support your needs. We look forward to hearing from you.