Digitoxigenin-monodigitoxoside & Digitoxigenin-bisdigitoxoside

April 06, 2018
Digitoxigenin-monodigitoxoside and Digitoxigenin-bisdigitoxoside are metabolites of digitoxin.

The cardiac glycoside digitoxin, which possesses both potent cardiac  and anticancer activities, is the combination of two natural products, the aglycon digitoxigenin and the trisaccharide digitoxose.

Recently, was constructed a neoglycoside library of digitoxin analogues with improved anticancer activity yet lower cardiotoxicity.

To delineate the pharmalogical role the tris-2-deoxy sugar plays in the biological activity of digitoxin, synthetic access to digitoxin and its bis- and mono-saccharide analogues are desired.

For your research, we can offer the bis- and monosaccharide analogue of digitoxin:

CAS-No. 18404-43-8 CAS-No. 16479-50-8

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