Diquat-13C2 dibromide monohydrate

September 13, 2019

Use your advantages with our new standard and avoid the deuterium exchange and the formation of native Diquat from Diquat-d4 with your analytics.

This week our team of experienced scientists and technicians has successfully completed the synthesis of the compound Diquat-13C2 dibromide monohydrate.


Item no. 20285

Diquat-13C2 dibromide monohydrate

Synonyms: Diquat dibromide monohydrate-13C2; Diquat dibromide-13C2 monohydrate; 6,7-Dihydrodipyrido[1,2-a:2’,1’-c]pyrazinediium-13C2 dibromide monohydrate; 1,1’-Ethylene-2,2’-dipyridylium-13C2 dibromide monohydrate; FB/2-13C2; Reglone-13C2


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