New isotope-labelled Chlorothalonil Metabolites

What would analytics be without labelled reference substances? Take advantage of our new chlorothalonil standard.

Our team of experienced scientists and technicians has successfully completed the synthesis of additional isotope-labeled standards.

For your investigations, we can offer you Chlorothalonil R611553-13C2,15N2 und Chlorothalonil R471811-13C2,15N2 as sodium salt.

Item-No. 20294

Chlorothalonil Metabolite R611553-13C2,15N2 sodium salt

Synonyms: 2,3,5-Trichloro-3-cyano-6-hydroxybenzamide-13C2,15N2; R4-13C2,15N2, Compound 9-13C2,15N2; CSCC926922-13C2,15N2

Item-No. 20295Chlorothalonil Metabolite R471811-13C2,15N2 sodium salt

Synonyms: 2,4-Dicarbamoyl-3,5,6-trichloro-benzenesulfonacid sodium salt-13C2,15N2; M4-13C2,15N2; Compound 13-13C2,15N2; R7-13C2,15N2; CSCA202566-13C2,15N2; SYN548766-13C2,15N2

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