Metabolites of quinmerac

January 18, 2019
Quinmerac is a synthetic herbicide from the quinoline group and used mainly on cereals and beets. Residues of the active substance and its main metabolites are found on plants, in soil and groundwater and are of importance with regard to consumer health protection.

In addition, Quinmerac and the metabolites BH 518-2 and BH 518-5 are considered to be harmful to aquatic organisms.

ASCA GmbH has successfully synthesized these metabolites of quinmerac and can offer them as reference substances.

Quinmerac Metabolite BH 518-5 Regioisomer of Quinmerac Metabolite
BH 518-5
Quinmerac Metabolite BH 518-2
Synonyms: 7-Chloro-2-hydroxy-3-methylquinoline-8-carboxylic acid, BH 518-5 Synonyms: 7-Chloro-4-hydroxy-3-methylquinoline-8-carboxylic acid, 7-Chloro-3-methyl-4-oxo-1,4-dihydroquinoline-8-carboxylic acid Synonyms: 7-Chloroquinoline-3,8-dicarboxylic acid, BH 518-2
CAS-No: 90717-07-0

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