February 15, 2019
Mexenone  is a benzophenone-derived sunscreening agent.

Side effects of sunscreen preparations can be irritation, allergic or photoallergic reactions of the skin and residues can be found in waters.

For your research and investigations, we can offer the following standards:

Mexenone Mexenone-d3
CAS-No. 1641-17-4
Synonyms: 2-Hydroxy-4-methoxy-4′-methyl-benzophenone, (2-Hydroxy-4-methoxyphenyl)(p-tolyl)methanone, Uvistat, Benzophenone-10
CAS-No. 1641-17-4 (unlabelled)
Synonyms: 2-Hydroxy-4-methoxy-d3-4′-methyl-benzophenone, (2-Hydroxy-4-methoxyphenyl-d3)(p-tolyl)methanone, Uvistat-d3, Benzophenone-10-d3

Both substances are available from stock. We look forward to your inquiry.