Terbuthylazine and its metabolites

January 05, 2018
Terbuthylazine is a selective herbicide. Chemically, it is compared with atrazine and simazine and belongs to the group of chlorotriazines. Terbuthylazine as well as three major degradation products and several secondary metabolites are frequently detected in groundwater.

According to the Bio-Mineral Water Directive, terbuthylazine and its metabolites terbuthylazine-desethyl, CGA 324007 and CGA 373464 must be subjected to residue analysis for organic mineral water, organic spring water and water as an ingredient for organic drinks.

For your investigations and analysis we can offer the following native and isotopically labelled standards:

[gview file=”http://asca-berlin.de/files/wp-content/uploads/Terbuthylazin-und-dessen-Metabolite.pdf”]

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